Athletic had the chance to take the lead at 0-0 but Dan Zieleznik's header crashed back off the post.

“We’re probably where we expected to be going into the final game of the season”, was how Eskild assessed the team’s position following Saturday’s matches.

He continued, “The boys had heard the score from the Medchester game from the fans, and to say the dressing room was like a morgue at half-time was an understatement. The atmosphere at full-time however was completely different”.

“We are three points behind United with a better goal difference. We’re guaranteed three points against ABZ on Saturday, but they face an extremely hard game away to FMGLive at the weekend”.

He added, “You can never rule out the freak result, but I simply can’t see Medchester taking anything from FMG. I think I would rather be in our position than theirs if I’m being honest. The pressure is all on United”.