Brook Street surprised everyone last night by selling Charlie Greusach and Jarno Vekeman for a combined fee of around £1.5 M.

Charlie moved to Venezuelan División V side sayre for just over £565,500, while Jarno joined S:A:F:T Reunited in Danish Series VI for £930,000.

Commenting on the departures from the team hotel in Norway, the coach said, “We’re looking to move players on and freshen things up a bit”.

He continued, “Jarno has been a great player for us, but he was a high wage earner and at his stage of career, we felt we had no option but to try to make some money on his transfer before his value started to drop.

Charlie was approaching 28 and still hadn’t established himself in the first team, having come through from the Academy. With a number of good young players coming through the youth ranks, we felt we had to make room for them”.

The coach however refuted the almost certain speculation that the club were cutting back in preparation for relegation.

“No, that’s simply not the case. It may appear that way to some individuals, but there are still higher wage-earners on the books than those two players. Some people are always looking for an ulterior motive or conspiracy theories, but this is a transparent case of moving players on”.

He continued, “I’m sure the reasoning behind the decision won’t stop the speculation, but some people simply won’t listen”.