Jose Eransus's second minute goal was enough to win the match against coracora15 last night.

A goal after two minutes by Athletic’s Jose Eransus was all that separated the sides in our match with coracora15 in Panama last night.

Brook Street created a number of chances throughout the game, but were unable to take any of them to kill off their spirited opponents, although they themselves were limited to just one chance; Vicente Toledo’s viciously curling free-kick with seven minutes remaining which just cleared the crossbar.

The game also saw the debut of new Russian signing Oleg Zhigalov, the 18-year old Muscovite having put pen to paper only hours before to conclude his £795,000 move north from London side Aldhous Athletic.

The midfielder had a quiet game, but acquitted himself well alongside Jose Eransus and Jake MacConnechy in the middle of the park.

Of the new signing, Arjen said, “We were a bit light for cover in midfield and with no obvious candidates in the Academy, I’d identified this as the position we most needed to bring in a new player for”.

He continued, “Oleg is also an outstanding prospect, and definitely one for the future. He made a very encouraging debut, despite having never trained with the team before, so I am very pleased to have enticed him away from the bright lights of London”.

Oleg himself said, “I am delighted to have joined a club like Brook Street Athletic. I was only a short time in London, but hopefully I will stay here much longer. The club look to be heading for promotion to Division III and I want to be a part of it”.

He added, “The other players have made me very welcome and I am looking forward to working with them”.