Fons Consheim shoots Athletic into a 2-0 lead but two late goals for the home side spoilt the party.

Anyone who left Victoria Park early this afternoon could be forgiven for thinking that Brook Street had completed the league campaign with a win against runners-up FC MUNRO.

With four minutes remaining, Athletic were strolling to victory courtesy of first half strikes from Jose Eransus and Fons Consheim, however within the space of sixty breathtaking seconds, the home side netted twice to secure the most improbable of draws.

“We completely switched off in the last few minutes which was unforgivable, and we’ve paid a very heavy price”, was Arjen’s assessment afterwards.

He continued, “Up until the final three minutes, we’d never been under any pressure and I think the players suspected they had to just see out the final few minutes and that MUNRO were a spent force. This couldn’t have been further from the truth”.

“We were sitting further and further back which just invites trouble, and I was urging the back line to push out. The opening goal was a wake-up call for us, but it also knocked the players off their stride and we got caught by a sucker punch a few seconds later”.

The dropped points saw Brook Street drop to thirtieth position in the ranking table, and while the club will still automatically promote to Division III, our new league is now certain to be a much more difficult proposition than it could otherwise have been.

Just how costly the slip up could be will not be confirmed until after the Qualification matches are played next weekend, however unofficial sources indicate that Brook Street Athletic will be plying their trade in Division III.6 next season. If this proves to be correct, it couldn’t get much harder for the New Home Park side.