Under Seige: Ville Yrjölä pulls off yet another breathtaking save this afternoon.

Following Brook Street’s 100% start to the league campaign, anyone who thought that life in Division III.6 would be easier than anticipated will have received a rude awakening today. Seldom in recent seasons have Athletic been so comprehensively dismantled as they were at McConnell Stadium this afternoon.

It all started so well for the Monifieth club. With only eight minutes on the clock, Onesimo Murube powered a header home to cancel Jude Galton’s third minute strike. However parity lasted just two minutes before Manuel Ramírez scored the first goal of his first-half hattrick to send Allstars on the road to victory.

“We were exposed badly at the back and paid the price”, said Arjen Bogaert afterwards. “I feel I got our tactics wrong, and I’ve got to hold my hands up to that. We started well, but once they had us on the back foot there was only going to be one result”.

He continued, “Had it not been for a number of superb goalkeeping display by Ville Yrjölä, the result could have been much worse. However, I know my players will put this setback behind them and be all the stronger for it”.

He concluded, “No-one at Brook Street Athletic presumed that we would simply walk into this league and continue as we had in Division IV. We have come a long way, but this result proves that we still have a long way to go”.

Just to add to an already bad day, it was confirmed this evening that Dan Zieleznik will be out for around three games having limped off in the first half.