Athletic made a surprise move in the transfer market this evening by securing 18-year old Israeli defender Liran Tzur from Italian Serie VIII side Dinamo Diffida for just over £0.5M.

Introducing the club’s new player to the press at New Home Park late tonight, coach Arjen Bogaert said, “I think we’ve uncovered a real gem here. He is young, but is already showing great promise. We aim to nurture this raw talent and develop him as far as we can”.

Liran himself said, “It’s all been something of a whirlwind. I woke up in Tuscany this morning, but now I’m here in Scotland with a new club.”

He added, “I’ve got to be honest and say I don’t know much about Brook Street Athletic, but I can assure everyone I will do my level best for the club. The coach told me much about the club and his plans, and from what I’ve heard; I am keen to make an impact with this team”.

The youngster will most likely be included in the squad to face BFC Büderich 05 in the Brook Street Cup on Wednesday