Andy Hautala fires us into the lead for the first time in the game. From then on, we wouldn't look back.

A far better second half performance earned us a 5-2 win over Kildrum FC at New Home Park this afternoon. The Cumbernauld side had twice shocked Brook Street by taking the lead in the first half, however a “rocket” from the coach at the break saw us go on to dominate the second half scoring and secure maximum points.

Goals from Onésimo Murube twice pegged back the Division’s newcomers in the first half, but two strikes from Andy Hautala either side of one by Eldvinas Šumlinskas in the second, went unanswered to earn the win.

“We didn’t show up in the first half, and were fortunate to go in on level terms at half-time”, admitted Arjen afterwards. “We were far better in the second half, and although we did not play to our potential, we proved to be too good”.

He continued, “We have go to play at our best in every match if we are to secure promotion from this league. Our performance today was unacceptable and against another team could have cost us three points. The players are now well aware of this”.