Brook Street’s reserves rounded off the season with a 5-0 win over Kenyan side Komazawa Ravens at New Home Park this morning; their seventh consecutive clean sheet.

Two-up at half-time through Daniel Hasnaş and Igor Bulatov, second half goals from Jake MacConnechy, Germán Olmos Rivas and Dario Zintu finish the season in style.

Once again Marcus Lövman was in the dugout as Arjen Bogaert watched from the stand, and the stand-in coach was happy with the result, even if the performance was somewhat low key.

“We played well in an attacking sense, however I feel the performance was low-key, which I guess, at this stage of the season is only to be expected”, he said. Marcus continued, “All the young lads played today, so the fact they got game time will help them progress, and especially improve their stamina”.

He added, “Our back line was very young, so it’s obvious they will have ‘off-days’, however we’ve got to give the younger players game time. They, after all, are the club’s future”.

He concluded, “Now, we can all look forward to well-deserved break and preparing for life in Division III next season.