The reserves crashed out of the Scottish Cup this morning, losing 6-2 away to a very strong Wasps United side.

While obviously disappointed to be out of the Cup and ending our record-breaking unbeaten run, the result was not unexpected by Arjen who said afterwards, “It wasn’t too much of a surprise. We knew the lads were going to be really up against it this morning as Wasps field more or less their first team in the Cup, and it is a very good first team”.

He continued, “With this in mind, it was always going to be an uphill task for our reserves, so it isn’t really a shock that we’ve gone out”.

Tiao Montana had given the home side the lead in twenty-eight minutes and Jano Potskhorala doubled the lead three minutes later.

The adage that you are at your weakest just after you’ve scored was certainly true seven minutes before the break when Potskhorala hit his second of the game; an instant counter to Mortiz Klüss having reduced the lead a minute earlier.

Sylvain Vaxelaire fired in Wasps’ fourth goal in the sixty-fifth minute and although Liran Tzur pulled back another goal with seven minutes to go, Vaxelaire restored the three-goal advantage within sixty seconds before going on to complete his hat-trick two minutes later.

Arjen concluded by saying, “We were given a real lesson here today and we’ll have to take that and use the experience gained in our league campaign.

“I’ll now be looking to get a couple of friendlies fixed up before the Brook Street Cup starts at the end of the month”.