Ville Yrjölä spectacularly turns the ball round the post to keep us in the match.

Brook Street were comprehensively taken a part by morgan united at Strawberry Fields this afternoon, and the 5-0 defeat highlighted exactly how far the New Home Park side have to progress to challenge for the league title, as Arjen admitted at full-time.

“We had hoped to hold out for as long as possible and maybe sneak a goal, but we only held out for four minutes, and from then on the die was cast”.

He continued, “We only created one good chance throughout the match, while they seemed to be attacking at will”.

“We received a real lesson here today, and we must learn from this if we are to progress from simply looking to survive in this Division, or to win promotion from it”.

He concluded by saying, “It’s not all doom and gloom however, as it shouldn’t be forgotten that we have nine points in the bag, which is a very creditable amount. Today’s result however is a wake-up call to us, and if we didn’t know before, we certainly know now that we will have to toughen up in order to finish as high as we can”.