Kyle Fair slams home our consolation goal with seven minutes left.

Brook Street were given a real lesson by Champions-elect Morgan United at New Home Park this afternoon, crashing to a 5-1 defeat that brought to an end our record twenty-four game home unbeaten league run.

“Today we saw the difference that exists between a Division II side and ourselves”, said a disappointed Arjen Bogaert at the post-match press conference. “United will be playing Division II football next season, and as that is where we want to be, we saw exactly how far away from that we are at present”.

Summing up, Arjen said, “Our aim this season remains consolidating our position in this league before starting to build for a promotion push over the next few seasons. A win next week will secure us, at worst, a play-off place with three matches remaining, so we’ve still got reason to be delighted with our performance this season”.

He added, “The next few seasons are likely to see a big change amongst the playing staff as we build for the next promotion push, so perhaps this season will be the last season that the current side are together. It will be good for this side go out on a high”.