Daniel Hasnas breaks forward against Much Rucking this afternoon.

Brook Street were left wondering “what if” following their 2-0 defeat away to Much Rucking this afternoon. Had the New Home Park side taken the points, then they would have had a six-point cushion over the three sides who could have caught them. As it stands however, Athletic trail Much Rucking on goal difference and are within striking distance of Carbrain, Allstarz and kaos.

“We had a bad day at the office, and we’ve now made things difficult for ourselves”, said Arjen at full-time. “Then again, when did Brook Street do things the easy way?”

He continued, “We’ve now got to look over our shoulders whereas we could have almost been home and dry”.

“We were undone by two set pieces and although their second was an outstanding strike, their first came from a spot-kick that should never have been awarded. That’s a couple of times this season we’ve been on the wrong end of decisions like this, and it cost us big time today”.

He added, “We always hear that these things balance themselves out over the season, but we’re due a hell of a lot of these decisions in our last two games it that holds true”.

Athletic will have to do without Nemanja Janković for next week’s match against kaos after the Serbian received two yellow cards for badly timed challenges.

“That’s unfortunate”, said Arjen. “They were typical forwards challenges, but he flew into the second challenge when he should’ve been much more cautious. He knew he was on a tightrope and to go in so recklessly was just asking for trouble. He’ll learn from it, and hopefully won’t do it again”.