Following this afternoon’s Qualifiers, there will be a total of three new teams in the Division next season. Joining auto-promoted sides Vines Cross and Blue Order will be sooside athletico who edged out Schwarzeneggers Allstars 3-2.

Much Rucking In The Marsh secured their Division III status with a comfortable win, but there was to be disappointment for jabbathehut who missed out on promotion, losing the Division II qualifier against morgan united.

So in a repeat of last season, Brook Street will kick off the season with a trip to face jabbas, before we host new boys Vines Cross in Week 2.

The full list of Brook Street league fixtures for next season is:

Week 1: jabbathehut (a)
Week 2: Vines Cross (h)
Week 3: Carbrain FC (a)
Week 4: kaos c.f (h)
Week 5: sooside athletico (h)
Week 6: Blue Order (a)
Week 7: Much Rucking In The Marsh (h)
Week 8: Much Rucking In The Marsh (a)
Week 9: Blue Order (h)
Week 10: sooside athletico (a)
Week 11: kaos c.f (a)
Week 12: Carbrain FC (h)
Week 13: Vines Cross (a)
Week 14: jabbathehut (h)