Carl Zandt gives Ville Yrjölä absolutely no chance to fire Blues into the lead.

Carl Zandt gives Ville Yrjölä absolutely no chance to fire Blues into the lead.

Marcus Lövman’s position as Brook Street’s coach was thrown into doubt this evening following the team’s 6-0 humiliation by Blue Order.

The defeat left the New Home Park side a point off bottom and five adrift of the play-off places, and the travelling fans were not slow to vent their feelings throughout the match and especially at full-time.

And speculation about the coach’s future grew at the post-match press conference as Media Relations Manager Kyle Fair was fielding the questions.

When asked specifically about the coach’s tenure, Kyle said, “Marcus is, and remains coach of Brook Street Athletic. That’s all there is to it. He’s absolutely furious with the team’s display today and on advice elected to not appear at this conference, as you may have had a quote that he would have regretted in the morning”.

Asked about the chanting aimed at the coach, Kyle said, “Fans pay their money and are entitled to their view. It is highly unfortunate that Marcus has been singled out for criticism as we faced a side today, which should be in a higher division, plain and simple”.

He continued, “This division is absolutely cut-throat this season, and we’ve not made a good start, however I’m sure that if Marcus was here, he would be saying that there’s a long way to go, and we will fight until the final whistle of the final game”.

He was then asked if Brook Street were preparing for life in Division IV next season. He replied, “We’re preparing for life in Division III next season; for play-offs; and for Division IV. We have to prepare for all eventualities, and the press would be the firs to criticise if we were doing anything different”.

The coach will be heading off with the reserves tonight for our midweek friendly in Barbados, and the trip probably can’t come fast enough for the beleaguered coach.