From the club’s hotel in Bridgetown, Marcus Lövman this morning broke his silence on the weekend’s events ahead of taking this morning’s training session.

“I was absolutely livid and embarrassed by that performance, and although I was ready to go to the press conference, Kyle [Fair] advised me not to. With hindsight, this was the right decision as I would probably have been a bit too forthright with my views, pouring oil on the fire in the process so to speak”.

He continued, “Having had a couple of days to clear the air with the players have not lessened my embarrassment, but I feel I’m more in a position to speak out now”.

When asked about what actually went wrong, Marcus replied, “We were always on a damage limitation exercise in the match, hence the way we lined-up. The original intention was to try to get a hold of midfield and stifle the game, but it didn’t pan out and once we went a goal behind, it was a case of trying to keep the score down”.

He added, “Blues are a Division II side in reality, and possible Vines too, and we simply can’t compete against sides like that at present. We’ve got to pick up points from the other sides if we’re to avoid the drop, and so far points have been few and far between”.

Admitting that the die may already be cast, Marcus said, “We’re all focussed on doing well for the club and the fans, but it could be that we’re already too far adrift to pull it back. I desperately want to guide the club to the title and promotion to Division II, but I know that sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward”.

“We’ve got a number of senior players coming to the end of their careers, and it may be that we have to bring through the younger players sooner than we would have liked. Doing this in our current division could be detrimental to their development”.

Acknowledging the fans chanting aimed at him, Marcus continued, “I’m pretty thick-skinned so I didn’t let it get to me, but if it were to be aimed indirectly at the younger players, then that’s something that is not on. There’s nothing to say it would happen, but the fans have got to be realistic about their expectations”.

He continued, “Whether they like it or not, I’m going to have to re-build the side over the next two or three season, and it could make for some difficult times. We’ve all got to face up to that prospect”.

“I know I’m going to make decisions that are not popular with some of the supporters, but they are being made with the club’s best interests at heart. This is not about Marcus Lövman; it’s about Brook Street Athletic Football Club. That’s the bottom line”.

He concluded by saying, “We’ve got to put Saturday’s result behind us and move forward. All I’d ask the fans to do is get right behind the team, and I can assure them that we will all be giving 100% for the club and for them”.