Nemanja and Yann congratulate Paul O'Healihy following the Irishman's penalty opener for Brook Street.

Nemanja and Yann congratulate Paul O’Healihy following the Irishman’s penalty opener for Brook Street.

On a day of high drama and excitement, Brook Street managed to avoid defeat at the hands of Much Rucking In The Marsh to set up a play-off match against FC Team at New Home Park next weekend. The result however saw the Fife side relegated to League IV.39.

Nothing is ever straightforward when Brook Street are concerned, and so it was this afternoon as the fans were kept on the edge of their seats as a 2-0 lead was thrown away which made for an extremely nervy last twenty-five minutes.

The relief of the home fans was clear for all to see at full-time, however it was a different story in the away end as the final whistle was greeted by stunned silence.

They had travelled in large numbers and had come within a whisker of pulling off the great escape, but it was not to be and now they will have to face life in League IV next season.

Paul O’Healihy had opened the scoring in the eighth minute in controversial circumstances, the referee having adjudged a Rucking defender to have hauled Onésimo Murube back in the box. Paul was a model of composure however, slamming the ball into the net.

Half an hour in and Brook Street had breathing space; Germán Olmos Ribas deftly back-heeling the ball home after a melee in the Rucking six-yard box.

However the two-goal advantage wasn’t to last long as Rucking’s Genman striker Guenter Stainl pulled a goal back two minutes later.

Brook Street went into the break with the 2-1 advantage, but this was cancelled out in the sixty-sixth minute when coach Giorgio Giannantonio headed home the equaliser.

From then on the game became bogged down in a midfield stalemate which suited Brook Street and sealed Much Rucking’s fate.

On the pitch at full time, Marcus said “Conceding the goal so soon after going 2-0 up was a real turning point. We were hanging on for a bit, but they had to chase the game, and that’s something that we were never going to allow”.

He continued saying, “The fans were our twelfth man for sure. The backing we received was outstanding, and the fact that we’ve got a play-off here next weekend is as much down to them as the players.

That play-off will see us hosting FC Team, the team from the Borders having won Division IV.55.

“We naturally don’t know much about them as we’ve never faced each other before” admitted Marcus, “but we’ll study them over the week and form our gameplan from that”.