Ville Yrjölä in action.

Ville Yrjölä in action.

A day after his thirtieth birthday, Ville Yrjölä became the latest player to leave Brook Street this evening signing for French side fc carpo in a deal worth almost £517,000.

“Before he was injured, Ville told me he wanted a fresh challenge”, admitted Marcus this evening. “He didn’t want to sit on the bench after Zee became our first choice keeper, so we decided that for all parties it would be best if he moved on”.

He continued, “I would have expected Ville to have stayed and fought for his place, but Zee has youth on his side, and perhaps he saw that his opportunities would quite probably be limited if he stayed. I can’t blame him for wanting to move in the circumstances and wish him well in France”.

During his time at the club, Ville made a total of one hundred and sixty-six appearances in all competitions.