A Rab Henderson hat-trick within the first twelve minutes helped the reserves to a comfortable 4-0 win over Egyptian side FC România Luxor at New Home Park this morning. Phil Mullally hit the other counter in the match that also saw Brook Street rattle the frame of the visitors’ goal on two other occasions.

However Rab’s three goals in the space of eight minutes killed the game off as a spectacle and it became nothing more than a training session with little attempt made to add to the score.

Afterwards Marcus admitted that it hadn’t been the greatest of matches to watch.

“The three early goals certainly had a huge bearing on the game, and from a spectator’s point of view there was probably little to be enthused about for the remainder of the game”.

He continued, “Indeed, only Phil’s goal broke the second half monotony, so it’s fair to say that the game didn’t make for great viewing”.

With sooside visiting New Home Park on Saturday, the coach admitted that he was still undecided on his final line-up.

Given the clamour to give Lloyd Stephen a start, the coach said, “I think we’ll wait until probably Friday night before naming the side. Lloyd has been playing very well in the reserves, but he had a quiet game today and I’m not entirely certain he’s ready for a start. He might get a place on the bench, but we’ll wait and see”.