The comeback is complete as Andy Harte blasts in our third goal this afternoon.

The comeback is complete as Andy Harte blasts in our third goal this afternoon.

A second half fightback saw Brook Street secure, what at half time looked like, an unlikely share of the spoils against -*FC BARCELONA*- at Camp Nou this afternoon.

Trailing 0-2 to strikes from Paolo Fanello and Alexandre Camboim at the break all seemed lost for the New Home Park side. However two goals from Oscar MacVarish and an Andy Harte strike had the visitors in front before Paulo Fanello levelled with a controversial penalty.

“I didn’t see where the referee got the penalty from, and the players are equally mystified”, admitted Marcus at the post-match press conference. “Even their players didn’t claim for anything so I think that is very telling. Players by nature claim for everything, so the fact that they didn’t says it all as far as I’m concerned”.

“All the same, if you’d offered me a point at the start of the game I’d have taken it, so I guess I can’t be too disappointed”, he conceded.

When asked if ‘the hairdryer treatment’ had been used at half time, the coach laughed and said, “No, there was no need for that. I simply pointed out that they always leave a flank exposed and that’s where we should concentrate our attacks”.

He continued, “We’d been drawn into the middle of the park in the first half and that had cost us, but in the second we got things right and it showed”.

Elsewhere, Wha’s In Cherge Here’s 4-1 defeat at home to Carbrain saw them relegated, while sooside athletico’s 11-0 mauling by Blue Order all but consigned them to the drop too. In the other game, Vines Cross kept up the pressure on Blue Order in the title race with a 6-2 home win over Airth Castle Rovers.