Leoš Loos just fails to make contact with Fraser Carragher's cross against Airth Castle.

Leoš Loos just fails to make contact with Fraser Carragher’s cross against Airth Castle.

Brook Street were edged out 3-2 against Airth Castle Rovers at The Turret this afternoon. First half goals from Darren Urquhart and Moreno Lindenberg had us chasing the game.

Although after the break, we netted goals from Germán Olmos Ribas and Emanuel Bohucký, either side of Darren Urquhart’s second goal for the home side, we couldn’t find an equaliser and fell two points off the pace as a result.

“We simply can’t give sides a two-goal start and expect to take anything from the game”, bemoaned Marcus at full-time. “I thought we’d seen the last of this, but it’s made an unwelcome reappearance today”.

“Rovers are a very good side, so having a first half like that was handing the game to them on the plate. They were in command for much of the game, which is even more disappointing, and we probably took what we deserved out of the game”.

He continued, “Now we’re at the sharp end of the season, and we cannot afford to make slip-ups like todays. Ok, were safe from relegation, but we should be looking up the way, not down. That’s what annoys me the most about this performance”.