The reserves wrapped up the season yesterday morning in somewhat disappointing fashion, losing out 2-1 to Slovakian side Apollo Moonlight at New Home Park.

Brook Street had opened the scoring in the thirty-fourth minute through a Fraser Carragher penalty, and the lead remained intact until eighteen minutes from time when they were caught on the break and Roman Zúr calmly slotted home the equaliser.

Worse was to follow four minutes from time when the Brook Street defence couldn’t organise a wall properly, and Jean-Claude Vanhaecke fired the free-kick into the net.

“We were poor today”, admitted Marcus at the post-match press conference. “Having taken the lead we failed to press home the advantage, then we committed two huge errors to first let Moonlight back into the game, then secure the winner”.

He continued, “To their credit, Moonlight took their chances when they arrived, but by then we should have had the match out of sight”.

“However, despite the disappointing end to the season, it’s been a great one for friendlies, and we’ve chalked up a good few thousand airmiles! I hope we continue in the same vein next season”.

After Marcus departed, Media Manager Kyle Fair then thanked the officials and players of Apollo Moonlight for stepping into the breach so late on.

“We should have been playing in Tunisia, however despite having ample opportunity to confirm the match, E.S.Sayada chose not to. As a result, we had to think of our club’s position first and on Tuesday morning we decided to try to secure a home game against a Slovakian side. We are therefore immensely grateful to Apollo Moonlight for making this match possible”.

In further fall-out from the Tunisian debacle, the club have also tonight resigned from the Naquadah’s Flags federation saying, “It became apparent that we were being held responsible for the failure of the fixture, despite us contacting the Chief Officer in advance to highlight our problem on Tuesday morning. The Chief Officer did not even acknowledge our concerns, and instead has subsequently penalised Brook Street Athletic Football Club without recourse.

E.S.Sayada had the opportunity to confirm the fixture on a number of occasions but on each failed to do so, rightly or wrongly giving us the impression that they may be waiting for ‘a better offer’ to come up. We are not prepared to wait until it is too late for us to secure a meaningful friendly on the off-chance that they are just messing us around, and as a result Brook Street Athletic have resigned from this federation with immediate effect. We are not prepared to be held to ransom for friendly matches”.