After such a positive showing against League 2 opposition in midweek, it came as even more of a shock that Brook Street managed to produce one of their worst performances in several seasons to crash to a 4-0 defeat to Airth Castle this afternoon.

“Absolute rubbish”, was Marcus Lövman’s brief if accurate description of the performance on the way to the dressing room at full-time. The door remained locked for a considerable time afterwards and it was left to assistant coach John Hart to field questions from the assembled press.

“We’re naturally bitterly disappointed by the way we’ve played today. We were second to everything and got exactly what we deserved from the game”. He continued, “Airth Castle wanted the win more than we did, and all the good work that the players put in against Swansea in the Cup has counted for nothing today”.

He added that, “The players will be in tomorrow to review the tapes of the game and to ‘clear the air’. It is important that we learn from today and ensure that performances like that do not happen again”.

Elsewhere, Sparta had to battle for a 1-0 win away to Vines Cross, Vodikavkaz won 4-2 at home to Kessler’s, and Arenelle SC picked up their first win of the season in style with a 3-0 home win over EK Tuggers.