As the reserves head home from Bangladesh, the club are delighted to announce this evening that next week will see them on the road again, this time to Cuba to face Melmac Rangers.

“We’re thrilled to have finally managed to arrange a match in Cuba”, said Kyle Fair this evening. “We’ve tried for a long time, and we were beginning to think we were going to struggle as time went on”.

The match will leave the side with trips to Angola and Vietnam to complete the full set of 128 away ‘flags’ in the Hattrick world, a task that Kyle is hopeful of completing this season.

“If we can avoid the play-offs, we’ve got four friendlies left, so we could in theory finish off the away flags and polish off two of our remaining four ones, so it’s win/win for us at the moment”.

The match in Cuba takes place next Wednesday, kicking off at 17:15 local time (22:15 GMT) at the 60,000 Melmac Rangers Arena on Isla de la Juventud.