The pick of the bunch... Phil Mullally volleys home our eighth goal.

The pick of the bunch… Phil Mullally volleys home our eighth goal.

Ten-man Brook Street eased into the Hattrick Scottish Cup Second Round and a tie in the south-west against Flying Dutchman with an emphatic 10-0 demolition of The Polish Eagles in Glasgow this morning.

Indeed, given that the New Home Park side had to play the whole second half short-handed after Jake MacConnechy’s ordering off, that they managed to score half their goals after the break shows just how dominant they were.

That however didn’t lessen Marcus Lövman’s ire towards the errant veteran. “Jake should know better than to put in two tackles like that, and against a better side we would have been up against it. He knows that, and I’ve made a point of making him know my views”.

“He’s now suspended for the league opener which is what I was trying to avoid. We need everyone to play their part and not be sitting in the stand because of two stupid tackles”.

Muhammad Noorani will join MacConnechy in the stand on Saturday after the teenager was injured following a nasty collision.

“It was a really bad one, and he’s definitely out for the weekend; possibly the next two games after that as well”, admitted Marcus.

Turning back to the game itself, Marcus said, “We were ‘ok’, nothing more. We weren’t pushed hard, and we got a few breaks. We’ll certainly have to be much better on Saturday because if we play like that, Vodikavkaz will give us a hiding”.

A full report of this morning’s match is available here