Alex Clapperton looks on as his shot hits the back of the net.

Alex Clapperton watches on as his shot hits the back of the net.

The reserved bowed out of this seasons Hattrick Scottish Cup, going down 4-1 to Stirling Bridge in the Highlands this morning. Alex Clapperton got our counter in a match that the New Home Park side let slip away from them according to coach Leoš Loos.

“They had a lot of possession, but I feel we were holding our own in the first half. But we switched off at crucial times in the second half and were punished accordingly”, he said.

Despite his obvious disappointment at bowing out of the Cup at such an early stage, he was not too concerned saying, “It would have been nice to go on a long Cup run, but as we had zero chance of winning it, being knocked out is not something I’m worried about”.

He continued, “I say the same thing every year, even before a ball is kicked, that the league is our number one priority. That is no different this season, and I’ll be looking to my players to bounce back on Saturday when it matters.

When asked if fielding the reserves had been a mistake in that it might hand Stirling Bridge a psychological edge when the sides meet in the league Leoš clearly disagreed.

“No, I don’t believe that to be the case. It will be two very different sides that face each other in the league, so I wouldn’t read anything into this result at all. Had it been the two first teams who had faced each other then possibly, but it wasn’t”.

“We would approach a league match very differently, and I’m sure Stirling Bridge would do likewise. We’ll wish them good luck in the next round and continue preparing for Saturdays league match”.