Whilst many were quick to heap praise upon the reserves for their displays in this season’s Tartan Cup, the first team are unlikely to receive any on the basis of this afternoon’s performance against Stirling Bridge which saw the New Home Park side ship three goals without reply and with it relinquish the lead in the division after only two weeks.

“Spineless”, was Leoš Loos’ brief assessment of the performance, and there were few if any Brook Street fans in the ground who would disagree with the coach’s view.

“We deserved nothing and got nothing”, he continued. “This brought home to me in the starkest terms that this side has seen it’s day and we need to build a brand new one. What we have is not good enough for Division III so we now have to build for a concerted challenge”.

He continued, “Some players will have to make way for those coming in, and some of my decisions will not be popular, but we can’t afford to sit and do nothing. We’re going nowhere with this side and it’s up to me to do something about it”.