Brook Street's new signings, Lope Cabrio and Eike Alanne (right) in training this afternoon.

Brook Street’s new signings, Lope Cabrio and Eike Alanne (right) in training this afternoon.

Brook Street coach Leoš Loos wasted no time in starting to ring in the changes he promised following the yesterday afternoon’s defeat, and within hours had signed two midfielders for a combined price tag of over £3million.

First in was 28 year-old German Eike Alanne who arrived from Swiss Liga V side Smash FC with a price tag of just under £2million, and shortly afterwards 30 year-old Spanish playmaker Lope Cabrio was signed for £1.2million from Liga VI side Mika’s Team.

Unveiling the new recruits at this afternoon’s press conference, the coach expressed his pleasure at securing the players.

“Quality costs money and although I would always prefer to pay less, the opportunity arose last night to sign the two players, and it wasn’t one I was going to let slip”.

Refuting claims that these are panic buys, the coach said, “We’ve been weak in midfield for quite some time as those of you who saw our performance yesterday will no doubt agree. These two lads are experienced and will give us that dig in the middle of the park, exactly what we’ve been missing”.

“Whether we can re-energise our campaign this season or have to wait until next, this is part of the rebuilding process that will see us make a concerted effort to gain promotion. These won’t be the last signings we make, but some existing players will move on beforehand. To that extent, I can announce that, having discussed the matter with the players concerned and their representatives, I can now tell you that Nemanja Jankovic, Andy Harte and Duncan Stanfield have all been transfer-listed”.

He added, “We’ve tried to slowly build the side by promoting from the academy, but with a few very notable exceptions, this hasn’t worked and as a result the club as a whole have been stagnating. This is where we kick-start it back into life, but what you can be assured of is that anyone coming in will have to be good enough to help us move the club forward. Second-best is not good enough for this club”.