Andrew Cleary drills the ball into the Maxum net to open the scoring in this afternoon's 5-0 win.

Andrew Cleary drills the ball into the Maxum net to open the scoring in this afternoon’s 5-0 win.

Brook Street consolidated their lead at the top of the league with a resounding 5-0 win over Maxum at New Home Park this afternoon. Three fires half goals from Andrew Cleary (2) and Lope Cabrio were added to in the second half by Emanuel Bohucký and Eike Alanne to secure the points.

“We hit them with two quick goals in the first half and that set the tone for the game”, said Leoš Loos at full-time. “We forced them onto the back foot, and from that point they were always chasing the game”.

He continued, “We bossed the game in midfield and played some great football in the process”.

Acknowledging the part played by his recent signings Lope Cabrio and Eike Alanne, he said, “They’ve hit five league goals between them and their contribution to the cause cannot be understated. They have given us an added edge we’ve not had in recent seasons and it’s making a real difference to us as a team”.

“We’ve now played all of our real title rivals and are still unbeaten”, added Leoš. “That’s a huge base for us to build on, and we’re looking to do exactly that”.

He added, “We’re also good to watch, and it’s really heartening to see the crowds returning to New Home Park. The atmosphere in here when there’s a big crowd is immense and the players get a real boost from it. I know it’s a cliché but the fans really are our twelfth man. They can make such a difference and their part in our success so far this season should not be underestimated”.