Krsto Grubić fires home to make it 3-0 in this morning's friendly.

Krsto Grubić fires home to make it 3-0 in this morning’s friendly.

This morning’s friendly against Chilean side Wanderers club probed to be a stroll in the park for Brook Street’s reserves with braces for Muhammad Noorani, Nicky Breaden and Fraser Carragher, along with strikes from Krsto Grubić and Sam Ferretto giving the New Home Park side an 8-0 win.

The game also marked the debut for Paco Palleras who put in a solid if unspectacular performance at right-back.

“Unspectacular is fine by me”, said Leoš Loos when asked to comment afterwards. He continued, “Paco was asked to do a specific job, he did exactly that and I’m very happy with his performance. He’s a totally different kind of player to Zsolt, so anyone who was expecting more of the same will be disappointed. I knew exactly what I was getting, and that’s why I signed him”.

Turning his attention back to the result, he said, “I think we totally dominated the game, but we really only played for about an hour”. He continued, “It’s hard to keep going when you’re so far in front, and so it proved today. This is in stark contrast to last week’s friendly, and to be perfectly honest, I would prefer matches like last week’s to today’s”.