Abel Soffia can't believe how the game has panned out at full-time.

Abel Soffia can’t believe how the game has panned out at full-time.

Two goals in sixty seconds have left Brook Street “staring into the abyss”, according to coach Leoš Loos. “Going into the game, we knew exactly what defeat would potentially mean, and that is what we now face”, he added.

When asked at the post-match press conference, what exactly the 3-1 defeat meant, Leoš replied, “I don’t need to tell you that it potentially means relegation. It means we need to win a very tricky tie at Padawan, while we have to rely on Smyllum Rovers FC doing what they haven’t managed to do this season, and win. I think we all know exactly what we are facing”.

If results go to form, it looks set to be a very miserable Christmas for Brook Street, with the likelihood of players leaving in the run-up to the new season, and the coach is under no illusion that his position is almost certainly under threat.

He said, “The bottom line is that the buck stops at my door. I pick the team, and if we do end up being relegated, my position is obviously on the line. Whether I stay or go is entirely up to the board. I want to stay, but that is their decision to make”.

Asked if Brook Street had ‘thrown in the towel’, Leoš countered saying, “Certainly not! We’re not down yet and we know we must win our final game. It’s as simple as that, and that has to be our sole objective. I don’t care if we ‘win ugly’ as long as we win. If we lose this one, regardless of the Hibs result, our stay in this division will be a brief one”.