An early indication of the upheavals facing Brook Street following Saturday’s defeat came this morning with the news that Eliseo Albeiros and Hachem Baddou along with Academy graduate Bailey Buchanan have all left the club.

Confirming the departures, Leoš Loos said, “This is merely the beginning. We have to cut costs, and as a result we have to look to reduce the wage bill”.

He continued, “We also need to reduce the age of the squad and open up spaces to continue the development of players from the Academy”.

Despite scoring four goals in ten competitive games for Brook Street, at 35-years Eliseo Albeiros was the prime candidate for ‘moving on’, and the Spanish winger this morning signed for Bulgarian Fifth League side Zeleniq starshel.

Also leaving are Hachem Baddou who hit two goals in eleven appearances and Bailey Buchanan who leaves straight from the Academy. Hachem has joined French Ligue VII side, The Stormborn, while Bailey remains closer to home, joining Scottish League Division IV side Feast of the Unicorn.

“We’re all sorry to see them leave, but we wish them all the very best of luck with their new sides”, concluded Leoš.