Eike Alanne faces the press for the first time as the first team coach of Brook Street Athletic Football Club.

Eike Alanne faces the press for the first time as the first team coach of Brook Street Athletic F.C.

Media Manager, Kyle Fair has introduced Eike Alanne as Brook Street Athletic’s new first team coach at a packed press conference this morning.

While initially looking somewhat uncomfortable in his new surroundings, Eike quickly got into his stride and made a very good impression amongst the assembled media.

Asked if he was surprised to be appointed as new coach he said, “I don’t think you could possibly be as surprised as I am! It was a real bolt from the blue and the job is a big challenge, but one I am looking forward to”.

He continued, “I know what is expected of me, and I know how to achieve our goal. Now it’s up to me to put this into practice”.

Is ‘the goal’ promotion this season?

“No, and I can say that categorically. We are now working to a long-term plan. Yes, promotion is the ultimate goal, but we’re going to do this right and build a side capable of surviving in Division III, and even promoting into Division II. This is no overnight fix. We are building for the future, so if we don’t go up; we don’t go up”.

Given the departures would he be making any signings?

“Yes I’ll be bringing players in, but these will be players to develop. Some will stay with us, but some may be sold on. There will be no marquee signings if that’s what you mean”.

What kind of Brook Street Athletic are the fans going to see this season?

“The club are in transition at this point, so hopefully they’ll see entertaining football. However, in that transitional phase results are going to be erratic, so I would ask that the fans give us their usual fantastic backing, but please be patient”.

Will any other players be leaving?

“Yes, there will be more leaving as these transfers are already ongoing, but we have cut the wage bill significantly as was intended and moved older players on, so after these, I do not see there being any more.”

What will your signing policy be?

“I want to bring in good quality Scottish youngsters from our own Academy or from outwith the club. Our aim is to bring through as much local talent as possible. In the past, too many of them have been sold on at a loss, and that is going to stop. The first team will be working closer with the Academy than ever before, and will be taking a far more prominent role is supplying good quality players for the senior team.”

At this point Kyle Fair added, “Can I just add, that until now the Academy has almost acted independently from the senior squad, but that from now on the two will now operate far more closely; as one unit if you like. I must also say at this point that both Leoš Loos and Jeff Duilach have done the groundwork to make this transition as smooth as possible, despite knowing that they would both be leaving. I feel this must be put on record and is testimony to the character of these two fine coaches.”

Would this see more youngsters being given their chance in the senior squad?

“That’s the aim, yes. We’re looking to be more self-sufficient for players from now on. That way, we can build the club. ”

How long will all this take to build a side capable of reaching the Premiership?

“I’m not putting any timescale on this. It will take as long as it takes. We’re in this for the long-haul. Let’s just focus on putting down some firm foundations first”.

Speaking to ‘This Is Brook Street’ afterwards, Eike said, “It was strange being in front of everyone. Normally I’m used to radio reporters grabbing me as I come off the pitch, but to have ranks of photographers and reporters firing questions at me was a bit weird. I’ll get used to it I suppose”.

Asked about how he found out he was in line for the job he replied, “It really was a bolt from the blue. The gaffer was still in post, so it didn’t seem right, but I found out that it was him who had suggested I was the right man to take the club forward, and for that I will always be grateful”.

He continued, “Leoš was a fantastic coach to work under and a prolific goalscorer, and I’ve no doubt he’ll be back in football very soon”.

Looking forward he said, “The board have been working towards having a more streamlined organisation, and our relegation last season has speeded it up. I think the side would probably have been broken up anyway regardless of how last season went as we now look to build for the long-term”.

He concluded by saying, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my playing career at the club, and while I’m not preparing to hang up my boots any time soon, I hope to have a successful coaching career too”.