Abel Soffia, in action for Brook Street last season.

Abel Soffia, in action for Brook Street last season.

As Eike gets settled into his new job, one player who will not be taking part in the club’s future is Abel Soffia who after thirteen seasons leaves us to join Argentinian División V side Deportivo Morón in Buenos Aires for a £300,000 fee.

“I’ll be sorry to see Abel go”, admitted Eike. “He was one of the characters in the dressing room and will definitely be missed, not only for that but also for the vicious crosses he used to swing in from the right wing. I think we’ve all benefited from them”.

He continued, “He wanted to get closer to home and at thirty-three knows that his playing days may well be numbered, so I can understand why he wanted to go. He’s been here for thirteen seasons, so we really can’t grudge him that”.

Asked if any players would be coming in he said, “We’ve got to see who leaves first. I am reckoning on two more going, but obviously I’m not going to say who. Who does leave will have a direct bearing on the positions I will have to fill, but there is no rush to do that”.