Adam Humphrey fires in our consolation goal.

Adam Humphrey fires in our consolation goal.

Brook Street bowed out of the Diddy Cup this afternoon, following a disappointing 4-1 defeat at the hands of Celtic Garfin. While disappointed at the outcome, Eike Alanne wasn’t particularly upset by the result.

“When you’re fielding a lot of youngsters, you’re always going to get results like this”, he said. “Had our finishing been sharper, the result could have been very different, but it’s all ‘ifs and buts’. I think the scoreline flatters them a little though as I don’t think there were three goals between the sides”.

He continued, “However, we started off poorly and before half-time had given ourselves a mountain to climb. Adam [Humphrey] took his goal well, but we’ve got to take all our chances when they arise, otherwise we end up in the situation we got ourselves into today”.

Asked about the extent of Jim Barnstaple’s injury, Eike said, “It’s too early to tell yet, but hopefully he’s only got bruised ribs. He’s almost certainly out for Saturday, and we’ll just have to wait and see it he’ll miss any other games”.

Finally, he said, “Going into a match with the league leaders with only one fit goalkeeper is perhaps not the best thing to be doing, but we’ll roll with it nonetheless”.