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Sam Ferretto netted both of our goals against Brooklyn Squad in Poland.

Brook Street’s second string may have crashed to a 6-2 defeat at the hands of Brooklyn Squad in Poland today, but coach Eike Alanne, while disappointed, was typically upbeat.

“We all enjoy winning by big margins in friendly matches”, he said, “but as far as I’m concerned, I believe the players will gain more from defeats by superior sides than they ever will by hitting seven goals against poor ones”.

“Today’s match is an example of this”, he continued. “Brooklyn Squad are an excellent side. You don’t get to the third tier of the Polish league with a poor side, and they showed what a good side they are today”.

“We learned a lot of lessons today, and we’ll take them away and incorporate them into the way we play. We’ll turn today’s defeat into many wins for us in the future”.





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